Channeling Sessions

Healing vortex 




  • Past lives regression: we explore your past lives. It's designed to support you in the understanding of the lessons, challenges and experiences you are facing now, and to have a better comprehension of who you have been and who you are now. Remember and clear old past energy and Karma.   

  • Spiritual Assessment: A conversation/guidance about meeting and connecting with your spirit guides, I m hearing the guides talking and I am transmitting informations 


Receiving a channeling sessions is particularly healing as they allow you to connect with different realms and expand your awareness and consciousness. It's also very empowering and give you the resources to deepen your inner work journey. 




 ·  Sessions are 60min  · 

 ·  We start each session with a short meditation and some intention setting  

 ·  Investment: $150 USD  · 

Important information: 

 · I am not predicting the future

 · I don’t talk about Covid

 · You'll receive a recording of the session.

 · I don’t have all the answers to every subjects of the universe


«I’m so grateful for my channeling session with Amandine, she took me on a beautiful journey through several past lifetimes and it helped me to understand a lot my limitations as well as my super powers that I possess today. I have been integrating the session deeply and it’s really helped me to step up and reclaim all my powers and confidence from these past lifetimes. The imagery that she shared was so detailed and clear, and everything was resonating as truth in my Being throughout the session. If you are a healer/light worker/coach, I highly recommend this session to help you remember and reclaim your truths!»

— Charise

«Amandine has been invaluable to my spiritual journey, as she has an otherworldly ability to help connect me with my guides. She has tremendous respect for her work and clients. When I was at unease, she intuitively understood and went out of her way to make me feel safe about the process. I feel as though she’s there to support me along with my guides. I have learned so much from my sessions that it’s affected many recent life decisions. I feel very grateful to work with Amandine, and would actively recommend her to anyone looking to connect with their divine guidance.»

— Maddison

 «I did 6 channeling session so far with Amandine. It's been life changing in many ways. She's so powerful. I'm bless to have her in my life. We've been through many past lives, childhood trauma, decision I need to take now in my business, romantic relationship, personal life, etc. Confirming all my thoughts, doubts, emotions with my spirit team has been so releasing. I feel I've emptied a massive backpack I was carrying. I can see total correlation with when I started working with Amandine and my abundance explosion. I'm more abundant then ever before in all the area of my life because of her. Im so grateful for her work. Thank you a thousand times. I'll be a recurring client for the rest of my life.» 

— JF

«I would like to thank Amandine for her authenticity and simplicity. The session took place with a lot of involvement on her part and with a lot of fluidity. Amandine really feels things, we feel her true connection. This session was a great discovery for me, a very positive experience and sharing and I can only recommend Amandine. I can only recommend Amandine. Thank you.»

— Claude