About me

Amandine is a professional photographer, artist, creative, channeler, intuitive healer and poet. She do soul essence photography, an unique and empowering way to capture your most authentic soul, through portraits. 


My story

I always tried to fit in, in a world that I wasn't belonging to.


At 25 yo, I've decided to take a complete turn around in my life, and I made a pact with my soul:


"I'm going to find myself, get to know me, love myself, and live my life according to my own truth, on my own terms."

This is how I remembered that I was in love with photography since I'm 16,

That I've realized that I could see people's souls when I was looking at them,

And that I understood that I could create my own reality and live form my passion. 

This is how Amandream is born. From the ashes of my old self, burned on the altar of my dreams.


My mission

I help

spiritual leaders,

soulful entrepreneurs,

couples and families,

men & women, 


to connect to their soul and express their true self, through amazing transformational photoshoots.


This can be through a







or family session.


I live in Playa Del Carmen, a special place I've unexpectedly fall in love with.

During their experience with me, I love to support people in


Bringing out their beauty with confidence, 

Connect to their true-self, 

Express safely their soul

Have fun & play

Remember how powerful they are

& liberate themselves from the idea of what they should be

to embody what they truly are instead


My vision

I believe in the power of Art and Beauty,

my vision is to bring more love, light and healing into the world


Joy is my superpower,

I'm here to spread it into the world,

through my presence and photography

Authenticity and truth, 

are my core values

I dream of a world of acceptance, 

where everyone could be accepted for who they are

Through my Art, 

I am deprogramming cliches

Stand up for a better world

And I'm reflecting your beauty & essence back to you

I'm only the mirror of your own reflection


Soul Essence photography

I believe that we all have gifts and powers when we came into this life, and we are learning to connect  with and master it. 

One of my gifts is that I can see souls when I look into peoples eyes. 

My type of photography is unique, because


I've developed it with

meaning and purpose


Infused it with 

Joy and authenticity 

Sprinkle it with 

Magic and love

in order to capture and read your unique essence.