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Photos that looks like you 

Amandine Louis

Guess what? You are beautiful.

And I'm here, to capture your beauty. 

I am a human who loves other humans. And I get up every morning, with the desire to live intensely.


I am the kind of passionate person who is addicted to small details, for whom every story is important.


For me, photography is a way to transpose reality. No unreal edits, I want to transcribe the true beauty.  


At a time when image takes up all the space in our society, let us remember that Instagram does not represent reality, and that we are all amazing, no matter what our differences are. 


Because it's our differences that bring us together, and make us stronger.


Who's Amandine?

Impetuous, I fight to achieve my goals, and I trained myself alone, with blurry photos and too high ISO.

Curious about everything, I always like to learn, to go out of my comfort zone and discover the world around me. 

Imperfect and clumsy, I sometimes make biased jokes, I'm often mistaken, but always improve myself.


Resourceful, I always find solutions to the hardships I encounter. I travelled across Canada in a van, from Vancouver to Montreal, all by myself. What an adventure! 

Spontaneous and transparent, I laugh out loud, smile regularly, don't hide my emotions, and dare to say things frankly, whether they are good or bad. 

If you want to know more, let's keep in touch!